Talia teaches a steady-paced vinyasa class encouraging her students to move deeply and mindfully in their yoga practice.   Holding postures for extended periods of time builds muscle as well as awareness of the small nuances of the body and the mind.  Through creative sequencing and teaching techniques, Talia’s classes are playful, accessible to all bodies, and forever changing so each student can continue to grow in his or her own yoga practice. 

Talia's yoga exploration started in 2001 when told she would need an operation to correct a curvature of the spine. As an alternative to surgery, she decided to explore the physical benefits of yoga. Learning yoga from a therapeutic perspective taught her the importance of personalizing and adapting postures to each student to suit his or her own physical needs. In 2008, Talia received her teaching certification from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA and has studied extensively under Diana Treglia, founder and director of Yoga Spectrum in Brooklyn New York and Deborah Wolk, Co-Director of Yoga Union for Backcare and Scoliosis.  In 2010, Talia became a certified yoga-for-scoliosis teacher through Elise Browning Miller's teacher training, in 2013 completed Gil Solberg's 200 hour yoga therapy course, and in 2015 completed a 100 Hour training with Maty Ezraty. Talia is extremely grateful to all of her teachers, particularly Diana Treglia, who introduced her to yoga and has been a guiding force in her life since age fifteen. 

Talia currently teaches yoga privately and in studios in and around the Tel Aviv area.