Yoga is a three thousand year old discipline incorporating both the physical and mental aspects of one’s being.  Yoga is not a religion but rather an ancient science which leads to a healthy body, peaceful mind, and healthy heart.  Therapeutic yoga places emphasis on the physical aspects of yoga such as yoga postures, breathing, and relaxation techniques.  By strengthening muscles that have become weak and stretching those that have become tight, yoga brings ease and balance to the body.

Yoga differs from other forms of rehabilitation in that it engages the whole person.  While strengthening, stretching, and balancing your body  the mind is focused in a meditative way on your movements.  This focus creates an acute sense of body awareness that will keep you from repeating habitual movements that exacerbate the problem.  Furthermore, yoga may help you discover a connection between the source of pain and emotions, experiences, and expectations.  Relief can only last if harmful body patterns are replaced with conscious healthy movement.